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New York 23rd Congressional District Democratic Candidates Roundtable



How Nonprofits can help Localize National Issues

Today’s political climate is complicated to say the least. There are so many issues and controversies being discussed day after day by the national media, and some people may feel compelled to try and jump into action and do something about it. However, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how a national issue affects you, and where in your hometown you can go to get involved. Continue reading

Smartphones: The Future of Visual Journalism

Of all the recent advances in technology, the one that I think will be most beneficial for journalists is the cell phone; more specifically, the cell phone camera. It used to be that newspapers had to employ a full-time photography staff with expensive cameras in order to get any kinds of visuals. Now, a single journalist armed with a smartphone can shoot, edit, and produce high quality photos and videos all on their own. Continue reading

Holliston Board of Selectmen Meeting 6/26/17

The Board of Selectmen held their weekly meeting on Monday, and a number of significant issues were discussed, including the medical marijuana facility on Everett Street, the double yellow lines on Chamberlain Street, and an update on the local water supply.

The Board passed a motion to sign a letter of non-opposition towards the proposed medical marijuana facility on Everett St. by a vote of two to one. Mark Ahronian and Jay Marsden voted in favor, and chairman Kevin Conley voted against it. Continue reading